Submit to Scr(i)nk Blog

Please send your submissions for the Scr(i)nk screenwriting blog to, especially those related to: screenwriting opportunities, screenwriting successes, and screenwriting pointers and tips. Announcements from screenwriting groups--both online and on-land--should also find a welcome home at this site.

Screenwriting Opportunities

Screenwriting opportunities might include screenplay contest deadlines or calls for screenplays and screenwriters. Screenwriters may be called in on ongoing projects, or asked to participate in motion picture projects from the outset.

Screenwriting Successes

Screenwriting successes might include screenplay contest winners, spec script sales, screenwriter interviews, screenplay or screenwriting awards, and any other media notices of note.

Screenwriting tips and pointers

Screenwriting tips and pointers can include any sort of guidance or advice on how to write, package, and market a screenplay. Preferably short, lists of pointers are particularly attractive for use here.

Screenwriting group announcements

Any and all screenwriting groups out there, both online and in-person, can send along whatever news they'd like the world to know about.

How to submit

Please send all submissions in an e-mail to, with the text you'd like to appear in the blog entry in the message body itself. Some formatting can be handled easily, such as link backs and e-mail contact links, but simpler is usually better.

Thanks, and all the best with your screenwriting endeavors.