Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BlueCat Announces Fellini Finalists

BlueCat has announced their Fellini Award finalists from among 1600 entries:

Alvin Dale, Ultimate Male by Nicholas Hartman
Blame Candy by Amy Aniobi
Calvin & Skye by Fergal Rock
Christoph Menz by Sara Bovolenta
Construct by Allen Ivers
Day of Reckoning by Travis J. Opgenorth
Deadly Heat by Lindsey Van de Kirk
Don't Forget Your Hat by Terry Comer
Driftwood by Kevin Pacey
Electric Town by Tony Mullen
Father's Day by Michael Souder
Finding Room by Johnny B. Dunn & Georgia K Vinson
For Elise by Brooke Buffington & Maddy Curley
Geezerball by Adam Balsam
Ground and Pound by Michael Longarzo
Horse Girl by Jacob Gillman and Matt Diebler
I Want My Car You Son of a Bitch by William Ryan
Into the Small Hours by Richard a Reiter
Jennifer: A Field Guide by Elissa Vann Struth
Kiki on the Beach by Christine Hinz
Last Twist of the Knife by Sonia Pathak
Life Through Payne by Jamie Oon
Museum Piece by Andrea Kail
One Down. Eight Letters by Darren Smith
Passing Through by Robert G. Rhyne
Pinned by Adam Hunter and Dave Levin
Relative Issues by Francis Connor
Scab by Lee Proudman
Space Cadets by Edwin LaNotte McDonald IV
Space Girl Blues by Bruce Pavalon
Storybook Reception by D.C. Purk
Strangers and Aliens by Brian Elliott
Suckerville by Chris Sorensen
SuperChicas by Juliette Carrillo
Talk of Mifton by Cime Bruce
The Blue Parrot by Hugh Prior
The Dream by David Harris
The Mindmaster by Masha Kabanova
The Paul Bearers by Jonathan R Hall
The Route by K. C. Wilson and Laurel Wilson
The Speed Of Man by George Mehelis
Three Days Three Thousand Miles by Suzanne Keilly

Updated: 05/01/2011

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