Monday, April 16, 2012

Our petition

Hi Michael,

We are doing a March on Congress in June and I could use your help.

Please sign this petition and tell Congress:

NO MORE adding hundreds of pages to a bill in the middle of the night and passing it hours later.

NO MORE "deals" made behind closed doors just before the vote.

NO MORE special interests influencing our laws at the last possible minute.

SIGN the petition
and tell Congress that we want them to do their real jobs.

This is part one of our five part petition.

To make an impact on Congress, we need tens of thousands of demonstrators and millions of petition signatures. So, please forward this to all of your friends.


If you do not wish to receive "Fools on the Hill" or "our Petition" emails from us, please put "Remove" in the subject line of the email when replying to us.
Or send a snail mail to: PO Box 12418, La Crescenta, CA 91224

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