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Playwright News--4.7.12

Salt Lake Acting Company: Utah playwright's production charts evolutionary course
Salt Lake Tribune
Stage » Utah playwright Kathleen Cahill's new work, "Course 86B in the Catalogue," charts a mind-bending evolutionary course. By ben Fulton Suspension of disbelief is standard operating procedure for anyone with an appetite for science fiction, ...
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PLAYBILL BRIEF ENCOUNTER With David Auburn, Playwright of Broadway's The Columnist
By Kenneth Jones Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Auburn returns to Broadway with The Columnist, a biographical character-study of the powerful journalist Joseph Alsop. John Lithgow won his second Tony Award for playing the influential, ...
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In Drag Queens' Lives, Playwright Finds Muse
Voice of San Diego
If the events from the last two months of my life collided, they would form Katherine Harroff. The founder of fledgling theater company Circle Circle dot dot seems to have a toe dipped in every pool of my recent existence.
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Theater review: 'Maple and Vine' at American Conservatory Theater
Los Angeles Times
A sparklingly original idea can be both a godsend and a dead end for a playwright, as Jordan Harrison's "Maple and Vine" serves (entertainingly, for a good while) to remind. The clever conceit of this play, which is receiving its West Coast premiere at ...
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Playwright-history buff to talk to Writers Club
San Angelo Standard Times
By Staff Report SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Writers Club will meet at 7 pm Tuesday in the Community Room on the third floor of the Stephens Central Library, 33 W. Beauregard Ave. Featured speakers will be Richard and Marsh Best, founders of the ...
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Cornish College: Mike Daisey no longer welcome at graduation
The Seattle Times
Their parting of the ways is the latest chapter in a media saga that began with the playwright's one-man show, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs." By Sandi Halimuddin Good. Lies are lies are lies. This man's career should be over for this.
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Satisfying 'White Buffalo' charges into the Purple Rose
Playwright Don Zolidis—author of ... You know a playwright's written a good monologue when you have the urge to yell "Thank you!" when it's over. I had that sensation during the second act of Don Zolidis' "White Buffalo," now having its world premiere ...
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Cornish College dumps Mike Daisey as commencement speaker
The Seattle Times
Because of the controversy surrounding Mike Daisey's "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," which was aired and then investigated by "This American Life," the playwright will not speak at Cornish College of the Arts' commencement, ...
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John Arden, British Playwright, Dies at 81 -
Mr. Arden, a major British playwright of the 1950s and 1960s, produced work that was politically engaged, theatrically inventive and conscience-provoking.

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