Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Script to screen in 1 year

Hi Michael,

I hope you are doing well.

The dream is to have your films in the theatres and maybe on TV soon, and with you doing what you love to do on a full time basis.

I share that dream with you and this is why I started InkTip. As you probably are aware we beat our own record with 275 scripts sold/optioned, writers hired or gaining representation, and 29 movies being produced in 2011 alone. No one else comes close.

So, the question is how to jumpstart or dramatically boost your career right now, so that you can achieve your dream?

As you know, we are doing a Pitch & Networking Summit on September 21-22. We had 360 writers and 300+ producers attend our Summit last July. That we know of, 22 writers sold/optioned their scripts, got hired or gained representation, and two films went into production just a few months later. This is in addition to the scores or of relationships that were established between writers and producers, which will lead to more successes in the near future.

To attend one event and then have your film go into production months later - that is fast!! I am sure that a few more will get produced as well.

Roughly one out of every 16 writers closed actual deals at the Summit! And those are the ones we know about.

And many more deals close after the Summit as a result of hundreds of relationships established. This helps to guarantee future work, scripts sold and movies made, which is around 3-4 times greater than the number of deals closed on-site at the Summit.  One out of every three or four writers made significant advances in their careers from just the last event alone.

As a result of attending the Pitch & Networking Summit, in this one day, you could sell your script and have it get made a few months later.

Don't hesitate. Register today so that you have a spot reserved before it is too late.

Register here: http://www.inktippitchsummit.com/?page_id=5

Best to you,


If you do not wish to receive these, please let us know, or go here: http://www.inktippitchsummit.com/?page_id=1128
Or contact PO Box 12418, La Crescenta, CA 91224

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