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This Week's Screenplay Requests: 597..

Dear Michael,

Here are some more producers who are currently looking for screenplays and writers.

To submit a query, see table of contents below.

"I Am Number Four"
Producer JC Spink Shares Secrets to Successat July InkTip Sessions.
Regular Deadline is next Friday, July 7th! -
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Regular Deadline is Friday, July 20th

On Saturday, September 22, InkTip is hosting Pitch & Networking Summit IV.

At the typical pitching event, you only pitch 10 to 15 companies and that’s just not enough. We’re focused on getting your scripts sold, so we’ve changed the writer / company ratio so you pitch an average of 40 companies in a single day and for about the same price.
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Already 40+ script options, sales, productions and writer hires from Summit I, II & III.

InkTip guarantees a 100% refund* if you’re not completely satisfied with the experience.

Some of the 300+ companies who attended Summit III include:

  • Black Forest Film Group | ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt 1")
  • Mosaic | ("Bad Teacher")
  • Dallago Films | ("Turistas") 
  • Informant Media | (“Crazy Heart”)
  • Bogner Entertainment | deal with Fremantle Media North America (optioned at Summit II)

29 movies were made through InkTip in 2011 alone!!! InkTip is where you should have your scripts listed.

We are pleased to announce that two more scripts were optioned and two more writers were discovered through InkTip!

Shawn Chou Options "Cab Fare"
Shawn Chou with SC Productions, Inc. found "Cab Fare" through InkTip and optioned it from David Mandel. Shawn has put together a slate of horror films. David Mandel has written in a variety of genres.

Jacqui Adler Options "Nevermore"
Jacqui Adler with Cobblestone Films found "Nevermore" on InkTip and optioned it from writer Frank Edward Kelly. This is Frank's second option with Cobblestone through InkTip.

Elizabeth Snoderly Hires Bret Kofford
Elizabeth Snoderly with DAVED Productions met writer Bret Kofford on InkTip and hired him to write an episode of her TV teen travel series "Passport to Explore." "Passport" is now in its third season, and Elizabeth's other credits include the feature "Bloody Homecoming," which was shot from a script she also discovered on InkTip. This is Bret Kofford's third success through InkTip.

Sherry Robb Discovers Smith & Furey
Sherry Robb with The Robb Company met Howard Smith & Anthony Furey through InkTip and signed to rep them as their literary manager. The writing duo are based in Canada.

Richard Sibert Options "Steve the Dater"
Director Richard Sibert with Sumo Films optioned the short comedy "Steve the Dater" by Toronto screenwriter/comedian Marqus Bobesich after finding it on InkTip. This is Marqus's third short to be optioned but first through InkTip.

Tom Grejs Options "The Horror"
Tom Grejs with LineUp Films optioned the short script "The Horror" by Ivan Chapman and Edward Chapman after discovering it on InkTip. Casting has begun.   Tom is a Swedish director whose company, LineUp Films, primarily does sports and commercials.

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  1. B. Creative – Seeking Female Teen Ensemble Pilots
  2. Media at Large Prod – Seeking Dance Scripts, 40s Female Lead, 35 Male
  3. More Producers Seeking Screenplays and Writers
  4. Sell Your Screenplays
  5. InkTip Magazine
  6. Producer and Writer Testimonials
  7. Producer JC Spink Shares Secrets to Success
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DO NOT submit something if you don't have the script completed.
DO NOT show up at their doorstep, email or call them with your submission, outside of the submission instructions provided.
DO NOT submit your work if it doesn't fit the requirements.
If your script fits a lead, be sure to tweak your logline and synopsis to reflect the requirements in the lead.

If a writer violates this protocol, it is a sure way to guarantee that company won't consider the writer or script, and we will remove the writer from the InkTip email list.

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Calling all writers who have found success through InkTip!
If you have optioned/sold a script (feature or short), obtained writing work or representation, landed a development deal, etc., through our assistance, please tell us (if you haven't already notified us)We can help you get more exposure.

Thanks! - Your Friendly Neighborhood InkTippers

1) B. Creative – Seeking Female Teen Ensemble Pilots
We are looking for completed half hour or hour long television pilot scripts which specifically involve a female teen ensemble cast, i.e. something in the vein of "Gossip Girl," "Switched at Birth," and "Bunheads." This will be for television, so submissions must be material that is family friendly.
Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.
Our credits include "Jurassic Fight Club" and PBS's "Wishbone."

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.
Copy/Paste this code: uf3dgj7m7k
NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren't sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

2) Media at Large Prod – Seeking Dance Scripts, 40s Female Lead, 35 Male
We are looking for completed feature-length dance scripts with a female lead role at least 40 years old and male 35 years old. We are interested in various types of dance but the script must contain these roles. This is because we already have casting in mind.
Budget is open. Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.
Our credits include “Exposed.”

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.
Copy/Paste this code: 4axywp9trz
NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly. If you aren't sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

3) More Producers Seeking Screenplays and Writers

The Next Preferred Deadline is July 27th.

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Below are more companies seeking scripts, which are available in this week’s Preferred Newsletter (without contact information/credits). To receive the information, the cost is $50 for a four-month subscription (half price if you have a script on the site!).

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Company A

We are looking for completed feature-length music-driven scripts. The script does not have to be a musical but it should focus on the music industry or a musician. We are open to most styles of music where the story takes place from the 1970s to the present except for hip hop and dance/electronic music. If the script is a biopic, then please indicate if the life rights are available in the message space. 
Budget will not exceed $7 million. Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company B

We are looking for completed feature-length high-concept, low-budget, rated-R comedy scripts with younger lead roles. This must be a script that is currently not on the site.  We are looking for low-brow scripts in the vein of “Sex Drive” or “American Pie.” The script must be rated-R. We are not looking for an overly dramatic or sophisticated comedy. Young protagonists only – late high school aged to early 20s (no scripts about late 20 angst, “The Hangover” would not work). Examples of what would work: “Frat Party,” “Miss March,” “Road Trip.” In other words, Broken Lizard and National Lampoon-styled comedy. Examples that would NOT work: “Meet the Parents,” (not dirty enough), “I Love You, Man” (characters are too old). The bottom line is that the script’s basic premise must have a sharp hook with something different to the story than what we’ve seen. For example, we are NOT looking for another script about a loser going to college and having a frat party without some kind of unique angle (e.g. stuck by lightning, now a woman). By high-concept, we mean that the script should have a sharp hook, be able to be pitched in a short sentence, a title that reveals the premise and thus easily marketed and understood by all when you see the title and the poster (e.g. “Wedding Crashers” or “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”). However, please do not pitch only a tagline that doesn’t reveal the actual story premise.
Budget will not exceed $2 million.   Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company C

We are looking for completed feature-length character-driven, contemporary drama scripts for adult audiences. The focus is on characters and relationships, in other words, a festival/Sundance type of script. Only contemporary, present-day scripts.
Budget will not exceed $500,000. Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company D

We are looking for completed feature-length thriller scripts where the majority of the story takes place in three or fewer locations. We prefer stories set in indoor locations/sets like an airplane interior, a bungalow, a police station, hospital, house, etc.
Budget will not exceed $100K. Only non-WGA writers should submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company E

We are looking for female-driven thriller MOW scripts with the female lead role in her 20s-30s and appropriate for television. These should only be present-day scripts. Since it’s for television, nothing that relies on R-rated content. The lead character must have some inner resolve that is demonstrated through the actions during the conflict. The focus of the story must be the female lead character.
Budget is open but low enough for an MOW. Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company F

We are looking for registered unscripted TV projects featuring Hispanic characters that will appeal to Hispanic audiences. We prefer raunchy characters and material, i.e. Jersey Shore but for the Latin market. Please note, as it’s unscripted we obviously aren’t looking for completed scripts, but anything you pitch us should be registered with the WGA first.
Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company G

We are looking for completed feature-length scripts or television pilots where the stories are set in Singapore. Please note that we will only consider material where the entire story or series takes place in Singapore, and where Singapore is portrayed in a positive light. Stories featuring multinational and multicultural characters are especially encouraged.
Budget has yet to be determined. WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

Company H

We are looking for completed teleplay kid show pilot scripts from Canadian writers. Live action or animated is fine as long as it is targeted for a preschool or up to tween audience. Please include in your synopsis a loose outline of the next episodes and how the series progresses. If we are interested we may request a more detailed outline/treatment of the series arc along with the pilot script.
Budget is open. Both WGC and Non-WGC writers may submit. Canadian writers only at this time.

For more information on gaining access to this lead, please see

4) Sell Your Screenplays

InkTip has gotten hundreds of screenplays sold or optioned which has resulted in more than 140 feature films being made.
InkTip can help you sell yours. List your screenplays on InkTip so that producers in Hollywood and abroad can find you.
"InkTip is unquestionably the gold standard when it comes to script services companies, providing a first-class website listing utility, exceptionally informative newsletters and thorough, comprehensive reports to keep us writers on track. Keep up the outstanding work!"
Mark Golik, Writer

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5) InkTip Magazine

The next InkTip Magazine deadline is August 24th.

“I think your magazine is a good length (page-wise) and certainly the manner in which you have it laid out is easy to get through, as well as in aiming one's focus (genre-wise).”
Philip Krupp, Braun Entertainment Group Inc.

4500 industry professionals receive complimentary printed copies, and we email PDF copies to thousands of others - if you're looking for more exposure, this is a great way to find it! (You'll receive a PDF too!)

To take advantage of placing your logline/pitch, go to:

6) Producer and Writer Testimonials

"The first thing I would say is make a regular stop in your search. It's a great resource for material. After all, most of this business is about networking people and ideas together, and I believe InkTip does a great job of doing that."
Thomas D. Thompson, Cinelight Studios

“Thank you so much for your constantly exceptional service :)”
Rosie Komadina, Gold Rush Entertainment Inc.

"InkTip provides an invaluable service, and I'm glad to be part of it."
David Bright, Writer

"InkTip really is the best place for writers and filmmakers to find each other."
John Newman, Writer

7) Producer JC Spink Shares Secrets to Success

On Saturday, July 14
Producer JC Spink and others speak & network.

Learn What Sells, How to Succeed, and Stand Above the Crowd

Regular Deadline to Register: Next Friday, July 7
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At the InkTip Sessions, attendees will sit in on intensive one-on-one interviews with some of the industry's most influential decision makers--giving valuable insight from the other side of the pitch table.  Learn who's buying what, how to sell what you have, how to package & finance your projects, and the secret techniques needed to succeed in the business of show.

Learn more about JC Spink and other attendees at


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June 28, 2012

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