Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just the facts…

Hi Michael,

Just thought I’d give you a little update as to what we are doing and what our tallies are.

Last year, through InkTip, there were 275 scripts sold/optioned, writers hired or writers obtaining representation. 28 movies, not including shorts, were made last year alone. You can see some of them on InkTip  or on IMDB

This year, through the Pitch & Networking Summit, there were 31 scripts sold/optioned, writers hired or writers obtaining representation – there will be quite a few more before the year is out. That is a ratio approaching about one out of every ten writers who had this kind of success. This doesn’t include all of the new connections, relationships established or new friends made at the Summit.

In our last Summit some writers, who were efficient and REALLY hustling, were able to pitch 60, 70 and even 80 companies in a single day. The average was about 40. Depending on breaks taken by writers, the type of scripts pitched and so on, some only pitched 15-25. But the average was about 40.

Where else can a writer pitch so many companies and meet so many industry people actually looking for writers and scripts, all in a single day? The Summit is the ONLY place where this is possible.

As you well know, there are no guarantees, but for writers who want to jump start their career and quickly fast track the process, there is no better or faster way than the Pitch & Networking Summit.

It is at the Burbank Marriott on Sat, Sept 22nd. Fees will go up for late registrations.

Go here to register before it is too late:

Best to you,
Jerrol LeBaron



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