Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Laura Prepon In ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Universal Pushes ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ From Summer 2014 Slot To February 2015

Variety reports that the adaptation of writer-producer E.L. James’ bestseller has been moved to a day before Valentine’s Day, February 13, 2015. (VAR)

Participant Media’s Jeff Skoll: “I still love a story well told”

Jeff Skoll’s guest piece from the December 2013 issue of Forbes details his career switch from president of eBay to founder of Participant Media in 2004, whose films include Lincoln, Contagion, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and The Kite Runner. (FORBES)

Laura Prepon To Sign On For Four Episodes Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’s Season 2

Buzz Feed reports that sources say Prepon will be in four episodes of Netflix’s most popular series’ season 2 and may be in negotiations for season 3; the article also details the back story of Prepon’s involvement in the show. (BF)

Trailer Buzz: ‘Maleficent’

The Angelina Jolie-starrer, based on the character Maleficent, who first appeared in Disney's animated Sleeping Beauty, opens May 30, 2014. (HUFF)

Oliver Stone In Works On MLK Biopic & Talking ‘JFK’

Time’s interview with Oliver Stone on his MLK biopic and what he thinks of “these troglodytes who keep coming up with the single-bullet theory” about the death of JFK. JFK has been released in a limited edition 205-minute director’s cut and Stone’s untold history of the U.S. Showtime series is now on Blu ray along with an 800-page companion book. (TIME)

NBCU Cable's Jeff Wachtel Commits To First Project With ‘Homeland’ and ‘Heroes’ Vets

Deadline reports on the six-episode event series Dig, from Homeland’s Gideon Raff and Heroes creator Tim Kring, about an FBI agent in Jerusalem investigating an archaeologist’s murder who then discovers a 2000-year conspiracy with potentially historic ramifications. (DH)

Black Superheroes Of The Last 20 Years & Why Netflix & Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Will Be A First For TV

The Daily Beast looks at the origins of Luke Cage, coming to Netflix in a 13-episode series from his 1972 debut in print, as well as a history of the Black superhero projects that have been made, were/are in development, and others that DC and Marvel could still spin off. (TDB)

TV’s 30 Best Detectives, P.I.’s & Sleuths

The Telegraph picks 30 of the genre’s best, along with each series' season runs and notable details, from Tom Selleck’s Thomas Magnum, Jason Schwartzman’s Jonathan Ames in Bored To Death, and James Garner’s Jim Rockford to Jack Lord’s Steve McGarret in Hawaii Five-O and Angie Dickinson’s Sergeant Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson in Police Woman. (TEL)

Screenwriters: The Challenge of The Likable Protagonist: Why Your Intentions & Script Reader Response May Not Jibe

Screen Craft on the 5 probable reasons that your protagonist isn’t being received by a reader the way you intended, including: ignoring social trends in favor of stereotypes, gratuitous humor that isn’t ‘crystal clear’ in clarity and pattern, or ‘your character is just plain bad it may take a lot longer than 120 pages to redeem them.” (SC)

The Writer’s Diet Test

The Writer’s Diet Test – as in ‘waste’ line - allows you to enter 100 to 1000 words of your writing and run a test to find “sentence-level grammatical features that most frequently weigh down academic prose.” There are basic and advanced options and is “not an assessment” or writing-quality tool. The link here takes you right to the test – have fun! (WD)

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