Monday, November 18, 2013

Paramount Studio Analysis Redux

SSN Studio Analysis Part One: The Marvels & Dreams of Paramount’s Past

While its executive hierarchy has hardly changed over the past few years, the fortunes of Paramount Studios at the box office have been a roller coaster. As with each of the previous studio analyses, we begin Part One of our Paramount analysis with an examination of the four years leading up to this one. (SSN)

SSN Studio Analysis Part Two: Paramount's Present Trek

In Part Two of our Paramount analysis, SSN looks at the studio’s present: six major releases so far in 2013 and not a flop among them, plus four major releases to go in the final two-plus months of the year. None of the films have a prohibitive budget—and all have reasonably good box office and awards-season prospects. (PAR)

SSN Studio Analysis Part Three: Behind the Paramount Gates & Inside Corporate

In Part Three of our Paramount analysis series we come to the nitty-gritty: taking a peek behind the mountain gates to look at the business side of how Paramount makes its movies and its executive structure - from greenlighting movies and sending ideas up the ladder to co-productions and marketing. (SSN)

SSN Studio Analysis Part Four: A Paranormal Future Awaits Paramount

The final part of our week-long analysis of Paramount Pictures takes a look into the crystal ball. SSN reports on Paramount’s upcoming 2014 film slate and why its active franchise properties can still go head to head with just about any studio for the sheer number it owns. (SSN)

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