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[ScreenwritingU] Article: Your First Page Sells Your Script


ScreenwritingU Recommends Scriptapalooza Coverage Service

ScreenwritingU has named Scriptapalooza's Coverage Service,, as our "Offical Coverage Service."

Since Scriptapalooza works with 90 producers who judge their contest, their coverage naturally focuses on what causes producers to work with writers. We appreicate that.

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ARTICLE: Your First Page Sells Your Script

If you know that a producer could make a decision about your career on the first page, which page is going to show off your best work? I hope you just answered "The first page." Let me ask another important question, one that may be more important than any of the others above...

 "When does a reader decide to read the entire script?"

A reader, assistant, Creative exec or producer sit down to read your script. They open it to the first page and begin reading. At what point along the way do they decide to read every word of that script?

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Enroll for "Writing Great Endings" Now.

The ending of a screenplay is not just about wrapping up the story. It should pay off the many setups that have been designed in the previous 90 pages, slam home the meaning of the theme, and create buzz after the audience has left the theater. 

Your ending either sells a producer on your screenplay or it sends them off to read another. Make sure your ending is great!

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