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Screenwriter News--4.20.12

Career Kaput: Has Mel Gibson finally used up all his Hollywood lifelines?
Fox News
Chilling new Mel Gibson rant released This week screenwriter Joe Eszterhas released a profanity-laced recording starring Oscar-winning actor Mel Gibson. "Why don't I have a first draft of "The Maccabees?" What the f--- have you been doing?
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Mel Gibson caught ranting again
Detroit Free Press
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press By BJ Hammerstein Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is the target of Gibson's latest rant. / RON SCHWANE/Associated Press And now for your listening pleasure: a hot new expletive-filled recording from the temper-challenged Mel ...
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Mel Gibson's explosive rant at screenwriter released
The latest recording of his explosive rant was toward a screenwriter over a film project. In the recording, Gibson is heard screaming at the top of his lungs at screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. It was a rant full of expletives that's part of a long public ...
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Mel Gibson vs. 'Maccabees' screenwriter Joe Ezsterhas: Rant released (Audio)
Mel Gibson has been engaged in another war of words - this time with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who was attached to the actor's upcoming controversial film about the ancient Jewish hero Judah Maccabee. Eszterhas, who also wrote the scripts for the ...
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Mel Gibson considering suing Joe Eszterhas for releasing expletive-filled ...
Mel Gibson is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against screenwriter Joe Eszterhas for releasing the expletive-filled recording of Gibson ranting at his guests at his Costa Rica home. Sources told TMZ that the Braveheart star plans to sue because ...
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Mel Gibson's newest vile, curse-laden rant
New York Post
The Wrap has obtained a two and a half minute recording of Gibson going on a rage-filled tirade last December, in the presence of "The Maccabees" screenwriters Randall Wallace and Joe Eszterhas at his home in Costa Rica. The rant, in which he calls ex ...
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New York Post
Mel Gibson's 'You don't look Jewish' line falls flat
Los Angeles Times
But Knowles declined to follow up or ask Gibson about his feud with Eszterhas, prompted by the shelving of a planned collaboration between Gibson and the "Basic Instinct" screenwriter on a historical drama about Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee.
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Mel Gibson audio rant released by Joe Eszterhas, may mean a lawsuit.
Slate Magazine (blog)
The latest blowup from the movie star and director has been released to the public by Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who was apparently reamed out by Gibson while his family visited the Braveheart star in Costa Rica.
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Mel Gibson yells profanities in a audio-recording released by the 'MACcabees' screenwriter Joe Eszterhas to The Eszterhas had threatened to leak the audio clip after Gibson had denied being abusive and anti-Semitic during his time working on ...
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Screenwriter Releases Audio Of Mel Gibson Expletive Filled Tirade ...
By Bossip Staff
Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas says he and his family were house guests of Mel Gibson in Costa Rica last December when the 'Mad Max' star went off on a blistering tirade, recorded on an iPhone by Eszterhas ' 15-year-old son Nick. Eszterhas ...

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