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10 Days Left: Deadline for Pitch Summit Early Bird Discount


Hey Michael,

Only 10 days left! June 15th!
The DEADLINE for the Pitch & Networking Summit EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is almost here! Don't miss the discount deadline (June 15) to register at up to $50 off passes for InkTip's Pitch & Networking Summit.
(If you miss this, you'll have to wait another 6 months to sell your scripts)

Register Now!

InkTip guarantees a 100% refund* if you're not completely satisfied with the experience.

See below for an interview with writer Kate Queen (5-figure offer from Summit III).

  • Pitch & Networking Summit Details
  • Interview with Kate Queen - 5-Figure Deal at Summit

At the typical pitching event, you only pitch 10 to 15 companies and that's just not enough. We're focused on getting your scripts sold, so we’re changing the writer / company ratio so you pitch an average of 40 companies in a single day and for about the same price.

InkTip guarantees a 100% refund* if you're not completely satisfied with the experience.

This will sell out, so I wanted to make sure had a chance to attend. You can go here to register:

Some of the 500+ companies who are Summit clients:
  • Dream Factory Entertainment | deal with Paramount
  • Little Engine Productions | deal with ABC & Fox 
  • Trancas Int. LP Films | deal with Dimension Films
  • After Dark Films | deal with Lionsgate
  • Bogner Entertainment | deal with Fremantle Media North America
Let me know if you have any questions.

Jerrol LeBaron
CEO, InkTip

*requests for refunds must be made within 7 days after the Summit.

Another Success Story From The InkTip Pitch & Networking Summits
By Chris Cookson

Kate Queen travelled all the way from Ohio to pitch her scripts at all three of the InkTip Pitch & Networking Summits!  She plans to be at the September 2012 Summit as well because she is proof that with the right script, right attitude, and a solid pitch you can control your screenwriting career.  We had a chance to catch up with her after the March 31, 2012 Summit and find out what keeps bringing her back each time.

"I got offered five figures to develop a TV bible
and come on as a producer..."
-Kate Queen, screenwriter / Pitch Summit Attendee 

  Kate, thanks for taking some time out of your day to talk about your InkTip Pitch Summit experiences.   We heard from [literary manager] Sherry Rob that she met you at the Pitch Summit in July 2011, but at the March 2012 you pitched her again and she signed you on for representation.

Kate:  Yes, I'm excited!  She helped me negotiate two deals. One is I got offered five figures to develop a TV Bible and come on as a producer, writer, and creator.  The other was an option deal for a movie called The Rebound Girl that starts filming this summer with My First Bike productions.

InkTip: So happy to hear that the InkTip Pitch & Networking Summit was a success for you.  Sometimes persistence is key!  How long do you think it normally would take you to establish this many new contacts outside of the Summit?

Kate: I honestly wouldn't even know where to start.  I think every connection I have made in the industry has been directly or indirectly through InkTip.

InkTip:  What genres did you pitch at the Summits?

Kate:  Comedy and Horror.

InkTip:  Some writers are intimidated by pitching three companies at once.  How did you like that element of the Summit?

Kate: It's great because when one producer's eyes glaze over you still have two people left who might be interested.  It feels like [the television show] Shark Tank.

InkTip:  What was your favorite part about attending the Summit?

Kate:  I just loved being in the same place with so many passionate people.  The collective enthusiasm from the writers and producers is unlike any other energy I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of.  It's like a creative supernova ... [The InkTip staff was] amazing.  I saw so many of them bending over backwards for the writers and making sure they got what they needed out of the experience.

InkTip:  So glad to hear that.  Our goal is to serve writers and producers alike.  We are happy to hear that the energy of the Summit was inspirational.   Do you have any advice for writers planning to attend future InkTip Summits?

Kate:  Focus more on the people you meet and less on your projects.

InkTip:  Great advice!  The Studio pass breakfast, VIP/Studio luncheon, and the wrap party are great ways to network in a low pressure environment and meet even more producers!  We look forward to seeing you at the September 22nd InkTip Pitch & Networking Summit at the Marriott Burbank Airport.

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