Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summit Script Request / Slamdance Screenwriting Competition - Final Deadline July 31st


Dear Michael,

Another producer is looking for scripts.  Please see below.

See below for a special message and deadline information from the Slamdance Screenwriting Competition.

Friday, July 20th is the Regular Pitch & Networking Summit deadline!
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The Slamdance Screenwriting Competition is dedicated to discovering and supporting emerging writing talent. We welcome screenplays in every genre, on any topic, from anywhere in the world. Now in our seventeenth year, we have a history of highlighting talented, independent screenwriters and introducing them to the entertainment industry. We've established a strong track record through our competition successes and are committed to continuing our pursuit to champion outstanding new work.

Awards are given to the top three scripts in each category and there is also one Grand Prize.  Slamdance awards over $12,000 in cash prizes and produces the winning short screenplay to premiere at Slamdance 2013 in Park City, Utah.

The 2011 Grand Prize winner was Jug Face written by Chad Kinkle. Shortly after, Chad's screenplay was acquired for production.  In April, 2012 he completed directing his winning work.

Our final deadline is July 31st.
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Leo Films – Seeking Haunted Mansion Scripts

We are looking for completed feature-length scripts where the majority of the story takes place in a haunted mansion.  We are also open to pitches from writers who are open to a collaborative process where we’ll develop such a script together.  If you are pitching a writing sample and not an actual haunted mansion script, please say as much in the personal message space below.

Budget will not exceed $1 million.  WG and non-WG writers may submit.

For further reference, feel free to look us up on IMDb under Leo Films.

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.

Copy/Paste this code: z81k8pq9nw

NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly.  If you aren't sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

DO NOT submit something if you don't have the script completed.
DO NOT show up at their doorstep, email or call them with your submission, outside of the submission instructions provided.
DO NOT submit your work if it doesn't fit the requirements.
If your script fits a lead, be sure to tweak your logline and synopsis to reflect the requirements in the lead.

If a writer violates this protocol, it is a sure way to guarantee that company won't consider the writer or script, and we will remove the writer from the InkTip Pitch & Networking Summit email list and will prohibit them from attending current or future InkTip events.


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On a lighter note, please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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Jerrol LeBaron
CEO, InkTip
July 11, 2012

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