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Deadline for Pitch Summit IV Last Minute Passes


    Hi Michael,

    Only 10 days left! – September 7th!
    The LAST MINUTE DEADLINE is almost here! Don't miss the Friday, Sept 7 deadline to register and attend the InkTip Pitch & Networking Summit.
    (If you miss this, you’ll have to wait another 6 months before selling your scripts!)

    Go here to register:

    Below are some of the MAJOR companies confirmed for this Pitch & Networking Summit..


    • Pitch & Networking Summit Details
    • Key points to consider

At the typical pitching event, you only pitch 10 to 15 companies and that’s just not enough. We’re focused on getting your scripts sold, so we’re changing the writer/company ratio so you pitch an average of 40 companies in a single day.

Our focus is getting results. This is what we do with InkTip and this is what the Pitch & Networking Summit is all about.

In my humble opinion, nowhere else will you be able to get so much done in so short a time span.

Please go here to register:

If you miss out on this one, you'll have to wait six months before the next one.

Some of the most recent companies among our 300+ to sign on include:

  • Paradigm (Top Agency)
  • Quadrant Pictures (Abduction, The Grudge 1-3, The Departed)
  • Yari Film Group (Crash, The Painted Veil, The Illusionist)
  • Mosaic (Step Brothers, The Other Guys, Bad Teacher)
  • FilmWorks (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol)
  • Energy Entertainment (The Number 23, Out of the Furnace)
  • Dallago Films (Blue Crush, Crazy/Beautiful, Into the Blue, Turistas)
  • Callahan Filmworks (The Longest Yard, Get Smart)
  • APA (Top Agency)
  • Archstone Distribution (The Rum Diary)
  • Atlas Entertainment (Get Smart, Man of Steel, Upcoming David O. Russell project)
  • Aldamisa Entertainment (Jayne Mansfield’s Car, Machete Kills, Upcoming Sin City Sequel)
After you have been to the site, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I want to make sure you understand what this Summit can help you with.

Jerrol LeBaron
CEO, InkTip
Five points to first consider:

A.  About how much time have you spent on query letters, calling people, networking, research, and so on, over the length of your writing career?

B.  How many viable relationships have you established with agency, management and production companies?

C.  How many months or years did it take to get these?

D.  Are you in the place you want to be with regards to your writing career?

E.  Is the above acceptable to you?

If not, please review the following:

Here are some key points about the Pitch & Networking Summit:

1.  At the Pitch & Networking Summit, you can personally meet and pitch about 35-40 of the more than 300 companies (production and management companies and agencies) who have the ability to make movies or get them into the right hands to get them made.

A lot of these companies have produced TV series' for the Networks, or made movies that had wide theatrical release. These are people who usually don't accept unsolicited material. In some cases, this is your only chance to meet them face to face.  You can see some of the companies listed here:

2.  There is a cocktail party immediately following the pitching. This is where screenwriters and producers, agents and managers will be able to mingle and network with each other. The cocktail party will last between 3 and 5 hours. Currently, the ratio of industry people (producers, agents and managers) to writers is about one-to-one for the pitching, and a lot of them will be hanging around for the party. Each of them is looking for writers and scripts.

When is the last time you went to a networking event that huge and with that many industry people open to hearing what you have to say - or that has that kind of writer-to-industry professional ratio?

3.  Only agencies, management, development people and production companies who are looking for writers and scripts right now are allowed to hear pitches.

4.  At the Pitch Summit, we only want writers who have, at some point in their careers, fully completed and polished at least one screenplay. The reason is simple. Accepting anybody with an idea "written on a napkin" puts the producer, agent or manager in the wrong frame of mind - and no writer should have to follow that act. We don't want your pitches falling upon deaf ears, thereby wasting your time.

5.  The industry people we invite to hear pitches are people whose job it is to find and read screenplays for possible production. They are NOT assistants in the accounting department or mailroom, who have no business hearing pitches.

6.  If we don't deliver what we promised, and if you request it within 7 days after the Pitch & Networking Summit, you can get a 100% refund. No other pitch event has ever been so sure of themselves and what they can do for writers as to make such an offer.

7.  This is also a great opportunity to meet and network with some of your own peeps (other talented up-and-coming writers).

8.  Anyone who registers for a VIP or Studio Pass can also (within 6 months of Summit) place one of their titles on the InkTip site. This alone is an added $60 value, as you already know. Studio Pass holders can also post their title in InkTip Magazine (3 months before listed title on site expires), an additional $40 value.

9. The Pitch & Networking Summit is the only pitching event confirmed to have led to feature films actually going into production!

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