Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 TV Market Flat In Report. 'Iron Man 3' Poised For Massive N. American B.O., Steven Soderbergh: A Man of Many Words

2013 TV Market Flat In Report, 'Iron Man 3' Poised For Massive N. American B.O., Steven Soderbergh: A Man of Many Words

Magna Global TV Market Report Cites  Q1 2013 Inventory Sag

Media agency Magna Global reports that scatter inventory sold by the networks is not higher than 2012-13 season upfront rates of at least $9.75B, but predicts 9% increase for 2014.(AW)

‘Iron Man 3′ Poised for Massive North American Box Office Debut!

The summer 2013 box office takes flight today as Iron Man 3 is set to have one of the biggest North America openings of all-time - and possibly beat the standing record set by Marvel’s The Avengers. (SSN)

Steven Soderbergh: A Man of Many Words

A look at Soderbergh’s two major developments that made headlines and viral glee this week: his San Francisco Film Festival keynote and his tweeted novella. (SSN)

The Top 10 Take-Away Points from Digital Hollywood Spring 2013

SSN’s look at the premium trends at play in the current Digital Hollywood conference. (SSN)

Spotlight Interview: Matthew Miele, Writer/Director of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

SSN’s Q&A with filmmaker Matthew Miele, whose new documentary about Bergdorf’s follows in the vein of fashion forward docs The September Issue and Unzipped. (SSN)

California Wildfire Update: Ventura County Fire Jumps Past PCH

Firefighters focus on area residences and $1B naval base at Point Mugu; the fire is only 10% contained after scorching 10,000 acres and requiring more than 1,000 firefighters to combat the blaze. (LAT)

Inside Amazon’s Original Content Strategy Model

Amazon Studios’ recent creation of TV pilots is examined, with key criteria being: consumer desire for affordability, buying access to their own content tastes and less advertising. (MCN)

CNN Confirms Howard Kurtz To Discuss ‘Daily Beast’ Exit On Air This Weekend

As speculation roils about Kurtz’s current role with CNN after being let go by The Daily Beast, Kurtz will address the situation this Sunday on his Reliable Sources CNN program, airing 11 a.m. EST. (WAPO)

The Weinstein Company’s 'Welcome To Myrtle Manor' Gets Season 2 Order

The show, produced by TWC and Jupiter Entertainment, will return to TLC after averaging 1.1M viewers; returning cast is unknown in light of three members’ separate arrests in the last week. (EW)

No LOL As LMFAO And Ex-Manager Go To Trial Monday

Monday’s expected trial date stems from the pop duo’s ex-manager’s 2012 lawsuit alleging $7M owed in damages; LMFAO wants their 2008 agreement voided, citing the Talent Agencies Act. (THRE)

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