Friday, May 10, 2013

Cannes Courts U.S. Filmmakers, Exec Shuffle, Rep Moves Report, Joss Whedon Disputes DIsney Payday

Cannes Courts U.S. Filmmakers, Exec Shuffle, Rep Moves Report, Joss Whedon Disputes DIsney Payday

As Financing Improves For American Indies, Cannes Comes Courting

A quarter of the Palme d’Or competitors are by American directors as American presence at the festival reaches some new heights and numbers not seen this decade. (WSJ)

Exec Shuffle: Pilgrim Studios, Blumhouse International, MPAA

A weekly summary of major corporate moves in entertainment and media. (SSN)

Rep Moves: WME Entertainment, ICM, Image Management Public Relations

A weekly summary of the entertainment industry’s major rep changes. (SSN)

Joss Whedon Disputes Reported Disney Payday

The Avengers director denies the reported figures of a $100M Disney deal. (FORBES)

Release Date Shifts For ‘All You Need Is Kill’ And ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’

Warner Bros.’ Dan Fellman announced the release date change for both co-productions, with the 300 sequel opening spring 2014 and the Tom Cruise vehicle opening summer 2014. (LR)

‘Harbinger Down’ Horror Feature By Special Effects Team Takes To Kickstarter

Studio ADI’s Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. , Oscar nominees for Starship Troopers and Alien 3 –and Oscar winners for Death Becomes Her– look to raise $350k by June 7. (DH)

Spec Market Sales In April 2013 Highest Since 2012

Last month’s spec sales tally was the highest in the last ten months; also included is a year-by-year breakdown. (SCOG)

Britney Spears Confirms Two-Year Planet Hollywood Vegas Residency

Spears will perform shows two weekends a month as part of the pact, with casting for the show expected to begin this fall. (LAT)

Digital Streams To Get Same Gold & Platinum Status As Retail Sales

In its 55 year history of awarding sales of 500k for gold, 1M for platinum and 2M-plus for multiplatinum sales, the RIAA will now recognize those same plateaus for digital streams. (LAT)

The Fate of ABC’s First-Year Series

In advance of ABC’s upfront presentation, and no out-of-the-park freshman hits, Deadline’s take on the series’ prospective futures. (DH)

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