Friday, May 17, 2013

'Iron Man 3' Hits $1B Globally, Plot Twist: Survival Of The Hollywood Screenwriter, Cannes: Roundup & News

'Iron Man 3' Hits $1B Globally, Plot Twist: Survival Of The Hollywood Screenwriter, Cannes: Roundup & News

Box Office Report: ‘Iron Man 3′ Tops $1 Billion Globally in Just 23 Days!

Walt Disney Pictures confirmed the box office milestone for the super-sequel, already at $300M domestically; included in the report are performance-to-date grosses for Iron Man 3 by key international territories. (SSN)

Plot Twist: Survival of the Hollywood Screenwriter

SSN’s comprehensive series on the fate of the screenwriter in today’s Hollywood. (SSN)

Cannes 2013 Roundup: Second Edition

SSN’s roundup of the latest announcements from the Cannes Film Festival. (SSN)

Thursday Night Ratings:  CBS’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ Wins Night Of Season Finales

American Idol had its lowest-rated finale ever with 24M less viewers than its 2006 finale peak; Scandal tied its own ratings high as The Office finale’s 5.4M viewers are expected to be adjusted up. (DH)

Cannes: Newcomers Make Impression But No Breakouts Yet

It’s still early at the festival, but most positive and polite reactions are for films that have already done well on the festival circuit or opened already. (WAPO)

With 13% Of TV Ad Spend, Car Companies Can Gain In TV Season Gamble

Upfront takeaways include car makers ideally gaining consumers as  networks gain viewers; NewFronts are not encroaching due to fragmented market and some debatable production quality by Wall St. standards. (DH)

The Scoggins Report: May 2013 Pitch Market Scorecard

The 2013 spec sale total hits 43 sold, led by Universal Pictures. (SCOGG)

Lit Market: The Latest Book Arrivals

Publishers Weekly’s look at the best of this week’s crop of fiction and non-fiction titles. (PW)

Upfronts: Within Thumb’s Reach: USA’s Mulitplatform Initiative Starts June 6

In a week where  TNT and TBS unveiled live streaming plans of its shows, USA announced a multiplatform plan bridging TV content and branded interaction with viewers across viewing devices. (FC)

Two More Actors Follow Rachel McAdams' Recent Departure From UTA

Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace have reportedly left the agency separately while retaining management with Magnolia Entertainment. (RB)


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