Thursday, November 14, 2013

30 Great Undiscovered Movies

Scott Cooper’s ‘Out of the Furnace’ Earning Raves For Intensity, Another Powerhouse Christian Bale Performance

HitFix on the reception of Relativity Media’s Out of the Furnace after its AFI Fest screening this past Saturday, along with reactions to the film and Christian Bale’s acting turn. (HF)

Fifth Column Features Launches Industry’s First Pay-As- You- Wish Model

Filmmaker’s report on John Yost and Alexander Berberich ‘s ‘boutique independent film studio and online distribution company’ as they talk about how their pay model is similar to crowdfunding, what the financial split is, where they mine their material from, and why it’s ultimately about connecting with audiences. (FM)

30 Undiscovered Movies You Need To See & 20 Commercially Unavailable Finds Only Online

New York Magazine has two treasure troves of unseen films from the ‘50s through the aughts, including Night Moves, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and Waltz With Bashir. The commercially unavailable picks range from Looking For Mr. Goodbar and The Day The Clown Cried to Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years. (NYM)

The Coolest Film Festivals: Comedy & Short Film

MovieMaker has the Top Five Comedy & Short Film Fests in the world, voted on by reader experience and opinions. The comedy and short film picks featured today includes their run dates and locations. (MM)

Viral Buzz: Sacha Baron Cohen Sends Elderly Honoree Sailing Offstage In Wheelchair During Awards Show Gag

Cinema Blend has the clip – don’t worry, it was a stuntwoman– of his appearance at the BAFTA Brittania Awards to accept the Charlie Chaplin Award For Excellence in Comedy honor, but not before tripping into the wheelchair of a former Chaplin child co-star. (CB)

‘Girls’ Co-Star Adam Driver Rumored To Possibly Play Nightwing In Batman vs. Superman

Total Film on the rumors of Adam Driver being eyed for the Nightwing role in the Man of Steel sequel, as well as a link to Kevin Smith’s recent video interview with Zack Snyder and Amy Adams, including a tease as to whether Lex Luthor returns to the story. (TF)

‘Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire: Robert Evans

Robert Evans is the subject of the monthly questionnaire by Vanity Fair. (VF)

Effective Immediately In Los Angeles & New York, Amazon To Offer Package Delivery 7 Day A Week

Amazon has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to provide Sunday deliveries of customer packages at no additional cost, with hiring increases happening right away. 7-day-a-week service is expected to roll out in 2014 to the Washington, DC area, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix and other metro hubs, with the exception of Hawaii & Alaska. (WAPO)

AFM Trailer Buzz: ‘FDR: American Badass’

Deadline with the kind of trailer AFM is notorious for when it comes to schlock, except this one may take the cake, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt is re-imagined as also taking on Nazis and werewolves. Barry Bostwick stars. (DH)

Screenwriters: A Top Story Analyst’s Key Three ‘Un-Rules’

L.A. Screenwriter has teacher-author-story analyst Billy Mernit’s top three ‘un-rules’ for screenwriters to keep in mind, as well as this truism: “an audience wants to be entertained and moved, and their demands trump yours.” (LAS)

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