Thursday, November 14, 2013

Delayed TV Viewing Or DVR: Friend or Foe?

Delayed TV Viewing or DVR: Friend or Foe?

Nielsen has updated their digital measurement system and networks are paying very close attention, not only to live viewing the night a show first airs, but to Live +3 and Live +7 measurements. SSN takes a look at the broadcast network shows benefiting from DVR and online viewing at this point in the fall TV season, from The Blacklist to How I Met Your Mother and Sleepy Hollow. (SSN)

Spotlight: Bill Lawrence & Jeff Astrof Hit the ‘Ground Floor’ Running at TBS

Tonight, TBS rolls out Ground Floor, the new sitcom from Bill Lawrence (Cougartown, Scrubs, Spin City) and Greg Malins (Friends). Lawrence and Malins wrote the pilot to the workplace rom-com and brought in Jeff Astrof to run the show after it was picked up to series. SSN spoke with Lawrence and Astrof about the many shows they’ve worked on over the years, what it’s like working with TBS, and why they think Ground Floor has hit potential.(SSN)

SSN Studio Analysis Part Four: A Paranormal Future Awaits Paramount

The final part of our week-long analysis of Paramount Pictures takes a look into the crystal ball. SSN reports on Paramount’s upcoming 2014 film slate and why its active franchise properties can still go head to head with just about any studio for the sheer number it owns. (SSN)

Film Development For 11/14/13: Jeremy Renner To Star In ‘Bourne Legacy’ Sequel Directed By Justin Lin

SSN’s weekly report on the latest new attachments and projects in film development. (SSN)

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