Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Need A Screenplay Writer (Hollywood)

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I posted this a month ago but definitely want to re-post with more detail of what I'm looking for. I am a former Private Investigator with an extensive file and media copy on a high profile case that I was involved in 10 years ago. I know the topic and case would make a great documentary and motion picture/film. Looking to collaborate and partner with a screenwriter to bring it to life. I've already spent $60k of my own money on the investigative side of this case. I am not looking to pay a fee to a screenwriter (there are a lot of writers out there inundating me for $$$ up front.) I'm only interested in forming a partnership (that means 50/50) with a writer and taking this specific case and possibly some other cases I've worked on that made national news, and getting them developed. Obtaining financing for a possible documentary on this specific case is also a goal/focus.

You need to have experience writing in the thriller, crime, law enforcement, and political corruption genre's. Definitely looking for someone that has connections in the publishing and film industry. Because of the political and social issues, and some of the unsavory content of this case and others, you must be open minded, politically in the "Center", and not easily grossed out.

We will have to form and sign some kind of partnership agreement through attorneys.

I am in the Washington DC area. Copying my files and getting them to you will be paramount to the success of the collaboration/partnership.

Serious inquiries only.

Reply with an introduction email and we can exchange contact information.


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