Monday, November 18, 2013

Robert De Niro On ‘Taxi Driver’ Sequel Talk

‘The Guardian’ Interview: Robert De Niro, Open To ‘Taxi Driver’ Sequel

Robert De Niro’s feature interview with The Guardian as he talks career, his new film The Family, thoughts on a Taxi Driver sequel – and his opinion on the theories about the classic original’s ending. (GUAR)

Slated Enters New Data Partnership With Studio System

Slated, the online marketplace for film financing and deal-making, has entered a new data partnership with Baseline's Studio System - the industry's only verified professional film and TV database. The announcement includes the details of the partnership as the companies joining forces will result “in a one-stop, premier film investment shop.” (SLATED)

Will Smith, Shawn Levy To Team For ‘City That Sailed’

Grantland reports on the project about a father and daughter steering the detached island of Manhattan across the Atlantic Ocean. Audrey Wells is rewriting the script first penned by The Truman Show’s Andrew Niccol. (GRANT)

Amazon Studios Makes First 3 Episodes of New Comedy Series ‘Alpha House’ Available For Free

The link is here to the first three episodes of Amazon Studios’ new comedy series about four senators sharing a house in Washington, D.C. John Goodman stars and Garry Trudeau is the writer and one of the executive producers. (AS)

"I believe I am part of the hoax": Michael Kaufman Says He’s Been Tricked

THR on the latest details of the Andy Kaufman contretemps. (THR)

#Flashback Friday: The Original R-Rated Finale of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

The original clip of the Raiders finale where villain Belloq’s head exploded, sans the superimposed flames added in post to earn the film’s final PG rating. (HUFF)

Screenwriter-Producers: Mistakes To Avoid & Solutions For Producing Your Web Series

Script’s checklist for what mistakes to sidestep, especially in pre-production, as you make your web series including: you can’t fix everything in post, personally interviewing your crew hires first, and knowing it’s your right to watch takes in real time because “it is your ass on the line if the project is a bust.” (SCRIPT)

Viral Buzz: Sarah Silverman Appears On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Returns A Box Of His Belongings

HuffPo has the video clip of Silverman’s guest appearance last night on JKL (“It’s like I never left, only you’re married!”) along with a box of his stuff. (HUFF)

The Viper Room, 20 Years Later

Variety on the revamp of the storied, oft-infamous, Sunset Strip club - Johnny Depp sold his share in 2004 - as it looks to a new generation. The Viper Room aims to be a hub for underground and nascent music acts, along with other avenues like comedy and burlesque. (VAR)

50 Minutes of Deleted Scenes From David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ Now Online

The Playlist on the lost scenes found by MGM tech Darren Gross, then edited by David Lynch. The scenes are part of what was cut from the original rough cut to make the contractually obligatory 2-hour cut for producer Dino De Laurentiis. (PLAY)

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